EBERLE SA was founded in April 2, producing lamps.

The company Abramo Eberle & Company started production of cutlery.

We released the first forging Eberle.

Start of production of sacred items.

Zivi created the Hercules, the first manufacturer of fine cutlery in stainless steel of Latin America.

We started production of the first electric motor. The engine plant was created.

Expanding the product line, the company started the production of cutlery, scissors, knives and household machines.

Creation of the first pliers to cuticles.

EBERLE became a publicly traded company, and began construction of the 427,000 m2 plant in Caxias do Sul.

The company inaugurated the factory of buttons, rivets, eyelets and buckles.

Zivi inaugurated new 520,000 m2 plant in Gravatai, where currently is located at Mundial SA factory.

Zivi-Hercules acquired Eberle, Zivi group creating- Hercules- Eberle. Many changes had been implemented since then.

Creation of Mundial SA through the merger of Zivi by Eberle.

The big winner was Syllent of the National Technological Innovation FINEP award, granted by the Ministry of science and technology in the product category.

Mundial acquired Impala, a glazes and cosmetics company.

Mundial is approved the conversion of preferred shares (PN) for ordinary shares (ON).